Our Services

  • Our Services Think of us as your PRINTER

    Art. Science. The function of a printer can be seen from many angles. But when it comes to being a truly resourceful partner for agencies and organizations that want to push the envelope (so to speak), we flawlessly execute design, specifying, production and logistics. From manufacturing to materials expertise, we are experts at making the complex look simple. After all, the function of PRISM is to cover the entire spectrum.

  • Our Services Think of us as your WILD CARD

    We take pride in thinking outside the die-line. From initial brainstorming to prototype production, our award-winning creative support is on hand to provide solutions that are as innovative as they are strategic. We combine creative design, structural engineering and consulting with experience, knowledge and innovation to bring you a unique approach. We call it our WILD CARD.

  • Our Services Think of us as your PARTNER

    Every detail counts when delivering a consistent message. Every cover letter, case card, standee or sticker is an opportunity to present your brand and its associated qualities. With three decades of retail experience, we understand the importance of the customer experience. This understanding is why hundreds of national and global brands have chosen PRISM as their production partner.