Going Beyond


Hydro (water sensitive products)
When water is applied, the color appears underneath the white image. When surface dries, it returns to opaque white.

US Patent #6,364,993
Material containing a water activatable coating

US Patent #6,730,190B1
Method for making water activatable device

Unique in-line produced low cost premiums and game pieces for inserting into packaged good food products.

US Patent #6,521,322B1
Sticker and/or tattoo in-packs

US Patent #6,544,629B1
In-pack with food grade laminate (for insertion into oily or wet food products)

US Patent #6,596,118B1
In-pack refinements (perfs, etc.)

US Patent #6,794,004B1
In-pack decoder

US Patent #6,811,646B1
In-pack decoder game

PICS (PRISM Invisible Color System)
Multicolor, invisible printing inks developed with markers, crayons or clear stickers that are mess free.

US Patent #5,814,579
Invisible printing inks developed with a marker or crayon

US Patent #7,087,265
Invisible inks (PICS) developed with a clear sticker

US Patent #7,265,077
PICS inks with eraser writer and/or blocking (secret message) device

This product was developed to accommodate high-speed packaging equipment for granular products (i.e., coffee, cappuccino, powdered foods, powdered drink mixes, etc.) to allow insertion of a scoop where space (and speed) may limit traditional scoops.

UK Patent #2,395,421
Bellows Scoop with handle

US Patent #7,048,317
Bellows Scoop with handle